Growth Mindset

Resources for parents, teachers, and students including a short course on growth mindest - FREE!


The beliefs children have about intelligence, effort, and struggle impact the choices they make about learning.  We all want students to realize that hard work makes the difference.  It takes time, effort, and investment go get good at anything, including learning.  

People tend to hold one of two different beliefs about intelligence:

  • Children with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be developed. These students see school as a place to develop their abilities and think of challenges as opportunities to grow.
  • Children with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence is fixed at birth and doesn't change or changes very little with practice. These students see school as a place where their abilities are evaluated, they focus on looking smart over learning, and they interpret mistakes are a sign that they lack talent.

Parents and teachers have significant influence on the mindset students hold.  We are working in our system to help staff better understand growth mindset and the implications that has for both teachers and administrators in how we work with students and design our learning environments and lessons.  There are some wonderful new resources in this area for parents.  

Growth Mindset for Parents - free 10 lesson course from Stanford University


Resources for parents include growth mindset, future ready skill conversations, and supports for parent-teacher conferences

Raise the Bar main website

Raise the Bar is an on-line resource that provides parents with educational 'check ups' they can give their students to see if they're making progress toward meeting the new standards. The site also includes resources to help students improve.  The site provides some great information for parents on Growth Mindset, resources to support parent teacher conferences, and supporting conversations with your child on Character Strengths for Learning (similar to our Future Ready Skills).  

Site does require parents to create a username and password.  All resourcces are free. 

The three primary parent resouces include:

  • Hints and tips for effective parent teacher conversations. Download a pdf with questions and hints to support parent planning for the parent-teacher conference.  
  • Growth mindset activities with short video clips that show actual conversations between a parent and child.  
  • Character strenghs for learning.  Reflection for both parent and child around character strengths.  These are similar to our Future Ready Skills.  Parents and students can easily see where their reflection is similar and different on a set of questions related to the key character strengths.  
Link to parent resources

growth mindset activities

 Character Conversation Images

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